Activities and experiences when on vacation in Meløy

  • Experience the nature from boat in between small islands along the costal-line.
  • Catch fish standing ashore in the 24-hour sun.
  • Hiking in the mountains.
  • Experience petroglyphs that are dated 9000 years back.
  • Day-trip to Engenbreen – a glacier tounge extending from Svartisen. The lowest located glacier in Europe. It is a 40 km trip with car + apx. 10 min. boat ride.
  • Explore Glomfjordfjellet. Láhko national park. 50 km.
  • Experience the islands alongside the coast.
  • Glacier hiking on Svartisen with a guide, kayaking and guided cave-trips can be booked.  
  • Farmers-shop in walking distance. Read more!

Information and maps/brochures is located in the reception.

For more information on your visit to Meløy: Visit Meløy.