At Åmnes Camping you can experience an amazing location – straight towards the great sea. 

Åmnes Camping is located in the municipality of Meløy, which can be found in the far north of the coast of Helgeland. This coast is one of Norway’s most famous coastal-lines and consits of thousands of islands, ivory beaches, a flourishing wildlife, glaciers, and steep mountain tops that towers straight from the ocean. 

The possibilities for extraordinary wildlife and hiking experiences, at sea as well as on land, are numerous. 

We have the capacity for 40 motorhomes and caravans with electric outlets.

Tentspaces. A well-equipped sanitairy building with WC and showers. Kitchen. Washing machine and dryer. Opportunity to empty water- and toilet tank.

Free WiFi.

We can offer 6 well-equipped cabins with 1-2 bedrooms, shower, WC and kitchen.

We offer six boats up to 15 feet for rental. Outboards engine from five to fifteen horsepowers is optional.

Our location is offering fantastic nature experiences! Try glacier hiking on Svartisen, deep-sea fishing, boat trips in the skerries, hiking in the mountains, and much more.